About Gabriella Carmichael

Gabriella Carmichael is a Brooklyn-based artist originally from Western Massachusetts.

She is a performer, a dance maker, a writer, and an activist. Her work has been presented at venues such as Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Movement Research, The Mark Morris Dance Center, Dixon Place, The Tank, The Actor’s Fund Arts Center, Triskelion Arts Center, and The Hudson Theatre Guild, among others. Most recently she was a 2018 participant in NEEDING IT through the Helix Queer Performance Network and Brooklyn Arts Exchange. She was also the 2017 recipient of the Benny Simon Family Scholarship through Gibney. Currently she is performing and collaborating with her life-long movement companions in Heath In Progress. Gabriella is a certified yoga instructor and teaches throughout NYC with hopes of instilling self love and bodily awareness. Gabriella graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the 5-College Dance Consortium where she studied dance and social anthropology.

Gabriella uses the human body as a metaphor to showcase beliefs regarding homophobia, isolation, and human difference. Using research techniques similar to her background in cultural anthropology, her work documents and discovers human possibility-rewarding an explorer principle of delving into uncharted territory. She utilizes memory, writing, movement, and voice to bring forth thought provoking works about gender, sexual identity, love, and relationships. She believes that the world is mournfully dark, yet incredibly beautiful. She believes in corporeal trust, deep listening, and radical inclusion. Determined to reveal herself as an openly queer woman, she seeks to find a voice that speaks with compassion and provocativeness. She uses dance as a tool for empowerment, community creation, and finding space where we can feel like we belong.